Doak, Miller, and Slack outline the three views of writing professionally, transmission views, translation view, and articulation view.  There are positive and negative affects of each style.  This is something that the writer should take into consideration when attempting to relay a certain message. The transmission view takes the message and delivers it to the audience directly.  The writer who utilizes the transmission expects the majority of the work to be done by the audience without much aid.  The writer who utilizes the translator view takes a message that they believe they understand fully and interprets it into common language that they feel the audience can understand.  The writer who employs the articulation view focuses on things such as social or ideological issues.  This writer ultimately creates a fluid document and is always editing, adding, changing, and selecting meaning.  To effetely utilize these methods, the author should be aware of his or her audience. For example, a professor would not word a proposal document for an audience of his/her peers utilizing the transmission view, the professor would not feel the need to simplify the wording used.